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Gender & Institutions

Men and Boys in Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse 

The focus of the Men and Boys in Child and Sexual Abuse programme is to respond to all forms of abuse, exploitation and violence against children particularly the boy child by enhancing the capacity of different stakeholders in dealing with child abuse cases. In addition to that the organisation is also engaging young boys in secondary and high schools in challenging harmful gender norms especially negative cultural and religious practices which fuel the spread of child exploitation in communities and in schools.

The programme intervenes towards the elimination of: 

  • Sodomy 
  • Early marriages and statutory rape 
  • Flirting (Chiramu)
  • Neglect
  • Bullying in Schools
  • Our interventions include:
  • Padare schools club dialogues and advocacy trainings
  • Engagement of religious leaders, political leaders, media personnel, community leaders, civic leaders and other leaders in child led intergenerational dialogues
  • Exposing children to service providers such as Zimbabwe Republic Police Victim Friendly Unit and child friendly clinics so that they have the confidence of reporting child abuse cases and get the necessary assistance.
  • Make use of social network platform to communicate correct information with school children.

The programme is being implemented with support from Save the Children Zimbabwe.

Reducing Barriers to Girls’ Education 

This programme discourages negative masculinities that fuel inequalities between men and women. Through support from PLAN, the programme creates critical spaces where men and boys meet to review their masculinities with a view to adopt positive masculinities and change their attitudes towards girls. Overally, men and boys are encouraged to challenge negative gender norms and relations as a means of changing future gender dynamics and improving the status of girls in their communities.