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Who is a man of quality?

As Padare took its interventions on the Integrated Support Programme to the people in the six districts that it is working in, it took a random sample of participants from its interventions that included consultative meetings with key stakeholders, trainings on gender, trainings on HIV and AIDS and family fun days and asked the participants on their opinions on men of quality (murume chaiye).

The responses were varied and wide ranging. A lot of pertinent issues that are key to gender equality emerged and as a result the organization unpacked the responses to further explore the character and qualities of a man of quality according to ordinary men out there.

Women need our love not our welding Rods
In one of the district gender trainings participants were asked to describe love making in their own way or language and one of the adjectives that emerged was welding.... Read More
A 21st Century Man is not Afraid of Gender Equality
The mood in the room became pensive when a man raised the point that a 21st Century man is not afraid of gender equality. The statement raised further questions. What does gender equality mean? Why do men fear gender equality? Who is the 21st Century man? ... Read More
If Equal Affection cannot be, let me be the more loving man
More often than not, men do not openly show affection compared to women.  A man of quality is not afraid to show affection, he openly displays love. A man of quality is a loving man. ... Read More
Violence is not good in any situation
One should never resort to violence. Gender Based Violence statistics in Zimbabwe reveal sad situation where 9 out 10 of the perpetrators of the violence are men against women.... Read More
A man of quality makes sure that his wife and family are satisfied.
" Murume chaiye anopa mudzimai wake zvidavado zvese pabonde (A real man satisfies his wife sexually) "... Read More
If GBV is a bull lets men take it by the horns
"The best way to deal with Gender Based Violence (GBV) is to confront it head on. Men of quality do not just sit and watch, they confront and take action against GBV." ... Read More
A man of quality must respect his family and partner
"Murume chaiye akavimbika kumadzimai wake, anozvidzora kana ashatirwa, anoronga ramangwana remhuri yake (A real man is faithful to his wife, exercise self control and plans for his family’s future) " ... Read More
A man of quality must have respect
" A men of Quality respects his wife and family, fend for his family, believes in GOD, listens to other advises. " ... Read More
Men of quality do not beat women.
Indoda EHIONIPHAYO engatshayiyo umfazi. PLIZ respect women (A real man does not beat women) ... Read More